Dell Inspiron 1720- 8400mGS To 8600GT

Hi Peeps :) i just had a Dell Inspiron given to me for my B-day it has a 8400mGS video card 128 meg ram :( its ok but i want more so i was looking around and seen people are putting in the 8600gt 256ram :).

So i went on Ebay to find a card i found alot of them but there all for a Dell Inspiron 1520 anyone know if this card will fit my 1720? there is link to the add below and thanks for you time and help.
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  1. It is very unlikely that you would be able to switch out the graphics card in that laptop. It is probably, like most laptops, soldered to the motherboard. This is not an upgrade that any normal person can do themselves. If you want better graphics, you should return the laptop and get a new one.

    The only parts easily switched out are the RAM and Hard Drive.

    (Note: This is for most laptops. I haven't checked your exact model.)
  2. It can be up-graded i have seen videos on You-Tube and web pages and laptop was free so if i have to pay a little for upgrades i will :) :bounce: .

    I just dont know if the 1520 video card will fit my 1720 i with it will as i looked at the one i have already and it pic i seen on Ebay site looks like it but you cant be 100% on pics right :pt1cable:
  3. You're lucky if you have the opportunity to upgrade it. Opening the laptop will void the warranty and risk breaking it, so keep that in mind. I'm also not sure if it's worth $90, but that's up to you. I personally can't help you with your problem though. I'd recommend against attempting to make it work until you are 100% sure. It'd suck to end up breaking it. Good luck with it.
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