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I got a Razer deathadder mouse that bought I few years ago... I was wondering if there is any way to press and hold a button in order for another profile to kick in.

What I wnat to achieve is when playing games I want to lower the sensitivity to get more precise aiming.
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  1. Simply set the settings in the games to lower sensitivity...
  2. Nahhhhhh seriosuly?

    I know that what I ment was to have a button responsible for on demand change of sesitivity
    I dont want constantly go to options to chang ethe settings if I want a precise headshot
  3. An inherent design flaw in the Deathadder.
    You have to set up a seperate profile and assign the sensitivity.
    Generally to the scroll wheel the only problem is you'll have no indication of what the sensitivity is that you are running on the fly.
    You can assign 3 to the wheel and have to get use to it.
    I love my Deathadder but my MX-518 is much better it in that department.
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