Mouse, keyboard, speakers!?

So I just bought a new computer off of newegg (in the mail right now!) and I need a mouse, keyboard, and speakers...I dont want anything to fancy or expensive (I think its a total waste to get a $100 keyboard or mouse) so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions..I spent a bit of money on my computer so of course I would like some nice components..thanks

Also, I havent looked but if newegg did combos that would be great!
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  1. What price range are you looking at? Also, do you like flashing lights and glowing stuff or non-flashy glowy stuff.
  2. personally...


    you could easily get a full set for 100 dollars

    make sure their interface fits your pc

    some machines still have ps2 connectors
    but all have usb...

    make sure you have enough spare usb's for what u need
  3. Um idk about "flashing lights" but I would like to have illuminated keys

    What do you mean make sure it fits my interface? just usb is needed right..
  4. If you want quality that will last i suggest the Logitech MX-518 mouse which can be had for under $40 on sale.
    I've had one for 6+ years and it still performs like the day i bought it.
    Good quality kb's the G-15 is a little outdated and being replaced this month with the G510 thus the cheap price.
    I have the G110 and really like it plus it has three colour choices and can be found for $60 on sale.
    As for speakers i'm a 2.1 guy but these speakers are decent 5.1's for the price.
  5. I literally cant stand the look of the mx518, whats with all of the dents and stuff? Im going to go with a black kb and mouse as it will match everything else I have. As for the speakers I bought the logitech s-220 2.1 because they had a pretty small sub (which was important) and theyre all black and logitech seems trusty
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