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i have a msi 785gt-e63 motherboard witch of the 4 slots are dual slot . i have 4 gig 2 matching pairs how do i set it up in dual channel
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  1. Put the matching pair of RAM modules in two of the slots that are the same color. For example, one pair goes into the blue slots, the other pair goes into the black slots. It's the same way with my MSI motherboard. To verify download and run CPU-Z and under "memory" there should be something that says "channels #" and it should say dual. http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/cpu-z/1.57-setup-en.exe
    It's the purple download button, not the big green one at the top.
  2. thanks ill try it tonight and let you how well it works :sol:
  3. Yeah definitely let me know how it goes :)
  4. Unless MSI has changed it, they don't use the same color for the same channels. Read the manual to make sure.
  5. They might have changed it. I have mine in the two blue slots and it's running at dual channel.
  6. thanks for the help guys this is my first build . The advise you gave worked cpuid shows it in duil channel i notice a diffrince thanks once agiane
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