Recovering files from Raid 0 Intel SS4000-e

Hello guys as stated on the title, is it possible to recover files from the Raid 0 setup. We have 2 hard disks installed on Intel ss4000-e and it has been running smooth until last week when we had a sudden power fluctuation.

The Tech support came and told us that the board has been fried and advised us to look for other options.

The problem is we have to recover very important files from the hard disks. Can somebody help me please.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I need your help please.....
  2. I use Restore Ultimate for such cases. It's a powerful data recovery utility wrapped into a very easy-to-use interface.
    You'll need to connect the disks as separate ones, create a virtual RAID 0, and then copy files from it. I think its online help can be helpful: Spanned Volumes, Stripe Sets, and Mirrors. As I understand, you case is Stripe Sets.
  3. If it was a strippedarray forget your data, simple as that.
    Have sent stripped arrays toa reovery specialist in the past and even they have had extreme difficulty in getting data back.

    If the drives themselves are ok you could ty with another raid card the same as before but imo i'd start making plans to move on without the data.
  4. Before you do ANYTHING with the drives, if you connect them to another identical RAID controller you can simply reestablish the array. However, if you mess with them, hook them up separately, you could damage the information and make getting the array reestablished impossible, then your data pretty much gone. RAID 0 makes data recovery very nearly impossible unless you can reestablish the original array as it literally splits all the data in half, byte per byte, across the 2 disks, and the "key" to piece it all back together again is on the drives as well.
    As I always say, if you are determined to do what most of know is a bad idea and run RAID 0, you need a good backup going, because something like this will happen, sooner or later. good luck.
  5. Oh ****** I think I did what jitpublisher said...
    I mistakenly hooked both HDD on may CPU in trying to recover like a read somewhere.
  6. @gansschlag i'll try this... give you a feedback later.. Thanks
  7. @plasmastorm I hope your wrong. I'll try different solutions first.
  8. First and foremost, IT"S WRONG that it's impossible to recover files from a broken RAID0, moreover, sometimes it's easier than from other ones, as less disks are involved. Of course, provided that the disks themselves are not failed. Even when you connect the disks to another RAID controller and try to create a new RAID 0, nothing too bad will happen. The RAID controller will overwrite some its service data, but your data will remain on the disks.
    So, you need to connect the disks as two separate ones and create a virtual RAID 0 in the program. You'll need to specify RAID parameters, this free utility will help you: http://www.***/.
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