Graphics Card for Dell Inspiron 545S?

Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 545S. I need to know the best high-end graphics card that is compatible: both with the small case and the power supply. Will the Nvidea GT 240 or GT 250 or the Radian HD4670 work?
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  1. You have 2 problems working against you. The 545s is a slim case needing a low profile video card and the power supply is only 250W.
    GTS 250 exceeds the power reqmts your system can provide. EVGA recommends a 450W power supply for it's GTS 250s.
    I'll take a look around and see what might work for you.
    Have you check the Dell support forums? You should be able to find what other 545s owners have used to successfully upgrade their own systems.
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    There might be some question as to which PSU is actually inside your case. 250W and 305W models may have been used in the 545s line. So check and find out which you actually have.

    The Sapphire website recommends 400W PSU for its 4670s (look under system requirements)
    Same for the 5570 and 5450 (which seems wrong to me)
    EVGA website recommends 300W PSU for it's GTS 240s
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