Case fan question (Cooler Master R4)

Just wanted to get some opinions on these fans. I already have one on my Hyper 212+ acting as push, but I was thinking about picking up a few more to use as intake and exhaust fans. My local Microcenter has them for 50% off, so I'd like to grab some while this deal is happening. The specs look pretty good (90cfm, 2000rpm, 19 dBA etc...) and I actually like the blue led look from my other fans. Any thoughts?
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  1. Looks like a fairly good deal to me.
  2. Get 10, (See if you get an extra discount for that :P) use what you want/need to, and sell the rest to mates, 'cheaper' than shop prices hehe
    Might end up yours being almost free if your lucky
  3. That's a good deal i added a couple of those for top exhaust on my CM690II Basic.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I ended up getting 4 of them due to the low price. It's rare you can get 4 pretty decent fans for under 24$ total. I plan to use one as a front intake and will use another to replace a cheap Rocketfish fan I bought from best buy as a top exhaust. I was wondering if I should use one on my Hyper 212+ so that it's using matching fans. Right now I have 2 fans on the 212+ for push/pull, but one is a older R4 I got a few weeks ago and the other is the stock CM fan that comes with the 212+. Would it be better to replace the stock fan with another R4 so I have fans with matching specs or will that not really make a difference? Thanks again for the responses. Much appreciated.
  5. Yeah i think it would look great if you put one or two of the led fans on your cooler.
    Especially if you have a windowed case.
    I have that cooler but no window :(
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