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I recently built a gaming PC for myself. my friend saw it and asked me to build him one.

He is going to use a crappy 19" monitor most of the time, but wants to be able to use his 46" Panasonic Plasma 1080p HDTV occasionally to game.

First, can anyone provide links or general info/advice about pc gaming on a big TV? Is it worth it?

I believe 1080p is the natural resolution for the TV. So the GPU will have to handle 1080p, right? Would games running at less then 1080p look bad on that big of a screen?

Another concern is that the PC will be on the other side of the room from the TV. If he decided he didnt want to rearrange the room layout, he would have to have a super-long HDMI cable going from the PC to the TV, as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse? Any thoughts/criticism on this set up?

Finally, he doesnt have a receiver, so the HDMI cable would be going directly into the TV.

Well, thats all I've got for now. I feel like I'm either making this more complicated than I need to, or I'm totally missing something. But I appreciate any help/advice you have to offer. Thanks.
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    First Q: Yes, it would looks as crappy as it does when you push your computer monitor to anything less then native.

    Long cable is fine. Obviously we're not talking about 1000' here, are we? :)

    HDMI should go directly into the Tv, nothing wrong with that

    As long as he builds a rig with a decent video card like 5770 (minimum) then he'll be fine. And to be quite honest it must be nice to use a 46" tv as a monitor. I tried my 32" hdtv once and it looks pretty good, just not right up to your face.

    Just plug in the monitor as second display and the 19" as main. Then just have windows copy the desktop to both.
  2. Awesome. Thanks fastx!
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  4. One of these days I need to hook my PC up to my 50 inch screen. I want to see my Hunter rip someone apart in L4D2 in big screen!
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