Reccomend a quiet-er gfx card

I'll be building a new rig soon, and my priorities are first noise reduction, then graphics performance, and then price.

While the rest of the rig will be high end, I'd like the graphics to be in the mid/high-range and stay at least mid-range for about 2 years.

I am looking for a pci-e 16x 2.0 gfx card that is sli compatible, dvi output, 1920x1200+ max resolution (the usual) such that 2 of them in sli will be able to run current games such as fallout 3 or empire total war at a 1920x1200 resolution at medium-high settings with a decent frame rate.

I will take a fanless card, or one with a fan, so long as the card is inaudible (or nearly inaudible) when idle and "reasonably quiet" when loaded, or a card where you have the option of repacing the fan with another (I don't know if such cards exist, but hey, it can't hurt to ask)

I am not looking into gpu cooling atm.


What card would you reccomend?
Thanks in advance.
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    A waterblocked card would be very nice for your noise-needs.

    But he quietest cards are passive-cooling, in other words, they don't use a fan, only a heatsink. These cards do not offer good performance for any games though.

    An HD5770 might be your best bet. A VAPOR-X edition would be great.

    Not too sure about nvidia, mainly due to their old-gen cards consuming much more power = more heat = higher fan speed. I can guarantee you that SLI'ing two cards will not be quiet.

    like this?

    People commented how quiet it is, so it looks good.

    If anyone out there has this card, let me know what you think.
  3. Just get a zalman VF1000 I did and its on my 8800gtx. Don't even know it is there when using it.
  4. If I stick that on a gpu, will I have enough room to sli?

    ... not a bad idea though.
  5. tom thumb said:
    If I stick that on a gpu, will I have enough room to sli?

    ... not a bad idea though.

    It is a dual slot cooler but you want a third slot for better airflow. I am using a 780i with a 2 way sli setup.
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