Seagate barracuda 250gb s.m.a.r.t. monitoring issue

When i boot my pc i received notification "S.M.A.R.T. status bad backup and replace error", even if i turn off smart monitoring on my cmos still received such notice. any help. thanks.
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  1. Even if you turn it off in the bios, windows will still read the smart status. I suggest you backup your drive and get a utility like HDTune or smartfan that can read SMART values.
  2. This message means your HDD is dying! Backup data NOW and replace HDD.
  3. even if i will replace its circuit board?
  4. If the platters have defects, how is replacing the logic board going to help?
  5. so the problem is the disk itself? so i better purchase a new one then.
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    Most likely the platters, but it would be helpful if you downloaded HDTune or some other program that can read the SMART values so you can at least see what kinds of errors are occuring. If you aren't interested in seeing these values, simply return the drive after backing up your data.
  7. okay i will try to do that first, thank you for your help.
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