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Ok so I'm finally gonna build my first build after selling my PC. The CPU has been sitting here for nearly a year. Without me know that it had preapplied thermal paste, I often just opened the CPU and took out the fan just to look at it along with the CPU itself. I did close it back fully everytime i took it out. I did this about 3 times through the year waiting to finally build my PC. My worry is that the thermal paste went to "waste" all that time it's been sitting there. Should I just use it or remove it and apply the thermal paste I bought or will that pre app thermal paste be good enough?
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  1. I would use the new thermal paste, definetly, which one did you get?
  2. tuniq TX-2 Cooling Thermal Compound

    btw my cpu is the q9550
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    Definetly better than the stock, also intel cpu's tend to run hot, so I definetly would apply the newer thermal paste to the cooler!
  4. What's the best way to remove the pre app paste? Rubbing alcohol?
  5. Rubbing alcohol is the best way. So many people buy removal kits, I just laugh at their wasted money.
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  7. lol, lets say one doesn't have any alcohol in his house :/ wtf then?
  8. Fetal said:
    lol, lets say one doesn't have any alcohol in his house :/ wtf then?


    I have no clue where mine is LOL
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