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I really need help deciding. Ok so i either have enough money left over for a cooler master haf blue (has to be blue because of combo deals) with a phenom 2 x4 955 be with a msi 870 chipset atx motherboard, or a antec 900 2 with a phenom 2 x6 1050t and a 890 chipset msi micro atx crossfire motherboard. All though I know getting the antec 900 2 and hexacore is the obvious choice, i just fell in love with the haf. Also I am plannin gon putting a 5870 in the case. If anyone can help choose i greatly apreciate it.
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  1. is the thuban porcessor as easy to oc as the black edition deneb?
  2. What is the purpose of this computer? Is it only for gaming, or is it for production/workstation?

    If gaming, then go with the HAF 922 and the x4 (you don't need 6 cores for a gaming comp). Otherwise, the other combo may be better for you.
  3. it is mostly for gaming so the quad core would actually be better?
  4. daniel123244 said:

    The link is broken.
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    Well, the quad core wouldn't necessarily be "better" for games- it may depend on the game, and how it utilizes the cores (if at all), and the speed of the respective chips.

    You don't need more than a quad core for gaming.

    It would be like using a Semi Truck to haul a carton of eggs. I mean, you could do it, but you would get the same results by using a car.
  6. Solid motherboard and solid CPU, which will fit nicely in the Antec 902.
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