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i have a intel c2d e4500 2.2GHz and a dg33fb mobo
i am gonna buy a graphic card soon i have to choose between 9600GT 512 DDR3 and HD4670 1GB DDR3.
I want to play gta 4 like games on 1440x900.
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  1. Aside from GT4 specifically being a resource hog and not likely to run well on your computer with either video card (or the CPU) I would think either will pair well with your processor.

    A 9600GT will run better, but will require more power and a 6pin connector. A 4670 is a great card, and is power exclusively off the card slot. Both cards will perform well at 1440x900, though a drop to 1280x720 in gameplay may yield more consistently strong performance across multiple titles.
  2. Avoid bot hof those cards, get the HD5670. Won't require much power, and it'll outperform both by a large margin.

    As for GTAIV, you'll still get bad frames. That game requires much vRam, as well as a good CPU. If you can OC yours, you'll be fine.
  3. He said he has a choice between the two and doesn't mention the source. For all we know he has a friend with both cards willing to sell one of them to him for cheap. I agree that a 5670 would be a better choice than both, but it does cost more than either of those cards.
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