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Running 1600 RAM with i5-2500K

I'm going to be building a new build using a i5-2500K, and I'm thinking about using either of these different kinds of RAM: or this: If I bought one of those, would it work with a Gigabyte P67A-UD4? And if so, which one is better?
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  1. The CAS 7 would be better than the CAS 9

    But CAS 6 is better still than CAS 7
  2. Would the difference in voltages make much of a difference?
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    I have the 8GB version of this.

    Runs great. It will default to 1333 cas 9 but you just enable XMP in BIOS and it goes to 1600 cas 7 just fine. I have a P67A-UD4 as well. At 1333 cas 9 it gives a WEI of 7.6. At 1600 cas 7-8-7-24 it gives a WEI of 7.8. ( well 8GB of it does )
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