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I have an old video card and wanted to update to support Starcraft 2. I watch TV shows and movies on my PC sometimes, but don't typically do anything graphic intensive. I don't play other games on my PC so I'm just looking for something that will play SC2 that is compatible with my motherboard. I have an Abit IP 35 pro. Looking at some cards online, some say 2 x 16 PCI-E. Looking at the picture of the abit ip 35 pro, I can't tell if my Mobo supports these types of cards. Does anyone know? I wasn't sure if I needed a different Mobo for those cards. Or should I be looking for a 1x16 PCI-E video card? Also, I don't know if it's possible since video cards do alot of processing, especially for intense games, but I'd rather have a card that would be more quiet, or at least quiet when I'm just surfing the web and not playing Starcraft 2. Thanks!
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  1. You can use any PCIe card. You can get a Radeon HD4650, HD4670, HD5570 or HD5670, I don't know your budget.
  2. I'd prefer to spend $150 or under.
  3. Will this fit with my Mobo? I cannot tell if my Mobo (abit ip35 pro) supports 2 x 16 pci-e. Also, will this allow me to play Starcraft 2 at full resolution? My other parts are:

    2 x 250 seagate barracuda (raid0)
    3 GB ram
    3.0 GHz Qx6850 processor
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    This one is very good for its price, it's supported by your mobo like I said above:

    The Startcraft 2 system requirements are well below that card so you shouldn't have any problem.
  5. Since Blizzard will be releasing 2 expansion packs for SC2 in the future, will I ever need support for DirectX 11? I saw that one of the cards you listed is a little more but has that option:

    What do you think? Thanks.
  6. From what I know SC is DX9 now I don't know about SC2, if you want DX11 get this one:
  7. How is the 4550 comparable? I noticed the first one you recommended does not have free shipping so it's double the price. Will I need it compared to this card? And is this card compatible? thanks.
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