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its christmas and i have been waiting for this time, am looking for a kickass speaker system, i listen to music and play games. am considering

Klipsch ProMedia 5.1
MegaWorks THX 5.1 550
MegaWorks 510D
Altec Lansing 641

so which do you think is the best of them all? iv read reviews of the 510D and 641 from the most recent THG speaker review and it seems that 510 have better lows and 641 have better highs... (yea i know 641 is only 4.1 but it sounds great according to the review) am having a hard time deciding on my next speakers, even kept thinking about it before sleeping, i hope you can help me guys....
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  1. I have good experience with Klipsch ProMedia.
  2. thanks upec, but i wonder how the creative speakers stand against the klipsch...
  3. All i know is.. i have the promedia 2.1 and those things KICK SOME SERIOUS A$$!

    I woulda of gotten the 5.1's but i have no room for all that stuff on my desk..

    All i can say is that Klipsch produce crystal clear sound, some complain about the bass, but i think it's just fine..

    The power is amazine, and when i crank it way up... speakers have no trouble with destortion or anything...

    Go with Klipsch you won't be disappointed!

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  4. i hope THG will come up with a new 5.1 speaker review this year, their last one seems to be a little outdated already... klipsch 5.1 is out sometime in 2001 while megaworks THX 5.1 550 is only out recently, am wondering if megaworks can stand against klipsch since it might have newer technology
  5. maybe, but i love my klipsch 2.1s they are one loud mofo pair of speaks

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
  6. slacking? nah, maybe there is one coming up, am sure THG wont let us down ;) on the klipsch website, there is a promedia 5.1 speakers and a digital dream system 5.1, both of them looks pretty the same to me, the digital dream system only have a decoder... am not quite particular what does a decoder do, isn't it that the sound card do the "decoding" already?
  7. Klipsch are the best. They used to be the top of the line Car Stereo manufacturer's in the world back in the 70's. I have their 4.1 and 2.1 systems. I have also read reviews on, they said that Klipsch still remained the top against all the creative series and pretty much anything else!!!!
  8. yeah i must post again about this, these speakers are just so damn good, ... i reccomend you get a pair and then if you don't like them (IMPOSSIBLE) then return them.

    Is THG Slightly Slacking??
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