Forwarding Ports from Modem to Router

I'm trying to host games in Warcraft 3 and need port 6112.

I have;

2 computers runnning WINXP service pack 1
Efficient Speedstream 5667 dsl modem
Linksys BEFSR41 v2 router

I need access to port 6112. Both the modem and router have a firewall. I turned on port triggering for 6112 in the router (which the linksys website said was a better solution for hosting games then port forwarding). But I'm not sure how to get port 6112 from the modem to the router. I know that I could either;

DISABLE THE MODEM'S FIREWALL (SOLUTION 1): If I disable the modem's fire wall, it also disables NAPT, and won't send anything to the router (internet stops). It says "Since there is no address/port translation when the firewall is placed in this mode, all LAN-side connected hosts must be assigned a valid public IP address." I don't know how to assign a public IP address for the router. I don't even know how to find the routers IP.


FORWARD THE PORT (SOLUTION 2): I'm not sure how to forward the port to the router. I choose TCP for the protocol, and give the port number, then there is a box called "SERVER" with a check box beside it called "SELF". It description in the help is

"Server - Specifies the IP address of the LAN-side server to which all WAN-side inbound traffic for the defined protocol/service will be forwarded. This value must be entered as an IPv4 address expressed in dotted-decimal notation (e.g., If the destination server is hosted on your SpeedStream device, then the Self check-box may be selected in lieu of specifying its LAN-side IP address.
Self - Specifies that the LAN-side server to which all WAN-side inbound traffic for the defined protocol/service will be forwarded is hosted on your SpeedStream device."

I checked the box "SELF". But this doesn't seem to work.

So my questions are;
1) If I disable the firewall in the modem, how do Iset a public IP address for the router?
2) Or how do I forward a port from the modem to the router?
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  1. That is one crazy modem you have there, I have never seen one like that.
    There are a few things you can do.
    1) Plug it directly into the switch part of the BEFSR41 and let it handle all the internet traffic. Port forwarding can be configured on that modem by connecting to it's web interface. That would make your BEFSR41 just an expensive switch.
    2) You have to set a static route on the modem to forward all traffic to the BEFSR41. That would require that you plug the modem into a port on the switch portion of the BEFSR41, set a static route, then plug it back into the wan port on the BEFSR41. Then all port forwarding can be done by the BEFSR41. If you choose this method and don't have a clue what I mean by static routes I can tell you how to do it. Depending on the web interface it can be very easy.

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  2. "2) You have to set a static route on the modem to forward all traffic to the BEFSR41."

    I've been trying that, but don't know what I'm doing. So if you can explain it to me, I'd really appreciate it.

    Here's what I've tried. In the web interface of the modem, there is a section called "IP Routing and RIP Configuration", and under that is a section called "View or modify the Routing Table (configure static routes)". In that section, there is an "IP Routing Table". There you can add a new "Static Route". It asks for "Destination", "Netmask", and "Gateway". And describes these as;

    "The Destination and Netmask specify the host or network (indicated by Type) to which the router will send packets.

    The Gateway shows the directly connected host through which packets should be forwarded to reach the Destination"

    Now, this will show you that I don't know what I'm doing... for the destination I put in the LAN IP ADDRESS from the Linksys routers web interface. For the netmask I put in the NETMASK from the web interface. And for the GATEWAY.... I didn't know what to put in, so I put in the gateway info I got from typing "IPCONFIG /ALL" in the command line (I'm sure that wasn't right). Then I turned off the firewall/NAPT. Didn't work (no surprise).

    Ok, so how do I do it? Do I have to "Specify and IP address" for the router, rather than "Obtaining an IP Address Automatically"? Thanks for helping me, I'm going out of my mind over this.
  3. This is assuming that your modem is plugged into the WAN port on your router:
    1) Set a static ip for the BEFSR41's wan ip.
    2) For the static route the destination will be the ip you specified to the BEFSR41's wan. The subnet will corrispond with the ip u chose for the BEFSR41 wan, if you do a 192.168.x.x then just use The gateway will be the ip that you were assigned by your ISP. You should be able to see this ip in the modem's config.

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  4. I just remembered that DSL changes ip's on you very often so it will be a pain to change that gateway all the time. Try doing for the gateway just to see if it will figure out to send all incomming requests through your route. If not this method may prove to be very annoying.

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  5. Ok, I tried it. But still couldn't get it to work. Here is what I did (The modem is plugged into the routers WAN port);

    At the linksys router's web interface, I set it from "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" to "Specify an IP Address"

    There are four fields;

    IP ADDRESS: here I entered the IP that had been shown under the LAN IP ADDRESS, which is

    SUBNET MASK: I entered

    DEFAULT GATEWAY ADDRESS: I entered the IP I got from the modem's web interface under "WAN CONNECTIONS" (for the ppp device), which is

    DNS(REQUIRED): I called my ISP and asked them for the name server, and entered that info here

    Ok, then I went to the modem's web interface, and went to the ROUTING TABLE and entered this info;

    DESTINATION: (the IP I gave the router)
    GATEWAY: (the gateway info I gave the router)

    Then I turned off the firewall/napt. And it didn't work. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong (well... obviously). I really appreciate your help, I'm pretty lost in all of this.

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  6. What is your linksys's LAN IP? is it You shouldn't or can't have both the wan and lan ip's be the same.
    Did you try it before turning the firewall/napt off? The static route should let everything through whether the firewall is on or not.
    What lan ip does the modem have assigned to it? You should set the gateway in the linksys to that.
    Just to make sure you have the correct DNS info in the standard is and, 2 of SBC's many DNS servers.

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  7. The linksys LAN IP is I was putting the same IP for the WAN IP. So I changed it (wan ip) to I didn't try it before turning off the firewall/napt. Once I change the WAN IP from automatic to the specified one, everything quits working.

    I had the LAN IP for the modem wrong. Its not
    It's DNS is the name server right? I called my isp, and they gave me


    SPECIFIED IP ADDRESS: (the lan ip is
    DEFAULT GATEWAY: (the modem's lan ip, I had this wrong before)
    DNS: (this is the name server my isp gave me, I also tried the ones you gave me (what does SBC stand for? (no, I really don't know much))


    DESTINATION: (the specified ip I made up for the router)
    GATEWAY: (I'm not sure what to put here, the modem's lan ip? Or the IP the isp gives me? Is the IP the isp gives me the WAN CONNECTIONS ip? Because that is I tried putting that in too)

    I still can't get it to work though. Once I set the router to the specified wan ip, everything quits working.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by bastardman on 09/20/04 11:31 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Hello? Anyone there?
  9. Sry I haven't replied in a while, I have been plagued with various hardware failures :(
    Does it work if you just plug the modem into the switch portion of the linksys and do port forwarding from it? I read a little more about that modem and it seems to have a more advanced firewall than the linksys so just use it if it works. The linksys can still handle things like dhcp but it won't need to do any routing.

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  10. Thanks for replying! Let me apologize in advance for being retarded. I plugged the modem into one of the switch ports. With the modem plugged into a switch port, I can't connect to the internet. Do I need to do anything to the modem/router/network to get the connection working with it set up this way?

    And do I forward the ports to the computer, or to the router. Thanks for helping me on this.
  11. Can you communicate with the modem when it is plugged into the switch portion of the router? Such as accessing it's web config?
    You will need to delete that static route you made if you want any hope of getting internet when it is plugged into te switch part. And make sure the modem doesn't have a LAN IP that conflicts with anything else on the network. If your linksys has and and your computers have ip's with a 192.168.1.x scheme make your modem or something of that sort.
    I recommend setting static ip's on any computer that will be running a server and since you have so few computers you might as well give them all static ip's.
    I would start at and work your way up for any computers on your network. I have a habit of reserving at least the first 10 ip's for network devices.
    Comp config example:
    Default gateway: (or what ever your modem is)
    Primary dns: (the one your isp gave you)
    Secondary dns: (if your isp gave you a second one put it here other wise just leave it blank)

    Ports will be forwarded to which ever machine has the server running.

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  12. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    No, I can't access the web interface of the modem when it is plugged into the switch port. Its LAN IP is There is nothing else on the network with that IP, but do I need to change it to 192.168.1.x scheme anyway? The modem keeps giving me trouble when I change its LAN IP. It won't respond to either the new, or old IP, and I have to reset it (I really hate this modem). And do I need to have static routes on the computers before being able to access the modem through the switch port? Also I deleted the static route in the modem (not sure if that affects communicating with it through the switch port).

    Thanks again for you help, and sorry about not responding for so long.
  13. Man... I hate to say it but that modem is turning out to be way more trouble than it is worth. You may want to look into just getting a plain ol dsl modem. I'm sorry I ccouldn't help ya more but this is obviously way over my head or something. I'd probably have to sit down and mess with it in person to get it going.

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  14. <A HREF="" target="_new">what he said</A> (cross post)

    <pre> \|/
    jlanka (. .)
  15. Well, I was afraid of that. Thanks anyway for your all help. I really appreciate it.
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