SSD compatible with my motherboard?

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  1. Yes. Your MB has SATAII port. I recommend get this samsung 830 64gb for less
  2. Yes, that SSD is compatible with your motherboard.

    That SSD is a SATA II drive, which is a older model. That same website has 60GB SATA III SSDs for the same price.

    Even though your motherboard only has SATA II ports, you will get better performance from a SATA III SSD.
  3. Okay, I have a problem, I was not the one who built my pc, I ordered it offline, however when I go to my computer, it says that there is only 1 hardrive, however in my case I can clearly see 2, one smaller one and a larger one. How can i separate out these two? and then do i need to make any bios change? since Im also upgrading my gfx card to a gtx 580 twin frozr i think it will block a few of the sata ports of my mobo.
  4. Forget that. what I thought was an extra hard drive was my cd reader/writer.

    But still i can only use 2 sata ports at any one time when I get my new gfx card because of its lenght, so ill just unplug the cd reader or find some other way around it
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