Is this a good deal?

I plan on putting this in an antec 900 2 with a ati 5870, corsair 750 watt psu, and a coolermaster hyper 212 plus (will that stuff fit in the case?). I do not really plan on crossfire so i did not want to spend the money for
pluis this seemed like a good micro atx. I plan on gaming. Basicaly my main question is do i need the full size atx board?
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    One... It is a good deal for the motherboard / CPU combo

    Two... They will all fit into the Antec 902 case without any issues

    Third... If you don't plan on running Crossfire, you'll be fine with a M-ATX motherboard. Also, the board still is big enough to Crossfire down the road, if you decide to.
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