DDR3 not at right speed. cannot adjust

Motherboard: GA-P55-USB3 (F4 BIOS)
Kingston hyper X 1600 Cl9 4GB (2x2GB)
Intel Core i5 750 3.06GHz (153x20)

I was in the bios yesterday and i realized the ram was not running at the rated speed. The Set speed was 1530mhz even though it was rated for 1600.

after digging around the bios i realized the DRAM speed was linked the the BCLK of the CPU. Is this true on all motherboards or not? If not, are there any people who have this board and can tell me how to get it up to 1600
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  1. Yeah enable XMP profile and set the dram voltage to vendors spec.
    Most likely 1.65v but 1.64v should work.
    Save and exit.
    You also might want to try Bios F8
    F4 is really outdated.
    I'm not a huge proponent of bios updates but i currently run two 1156 Gigabyte mobo's and have updated the bios versions.
    Run better imo.
  2. There is no way you'd notice the difference between 1530 and 1600. I wouldn't mess with whats working.
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