New PCIe card 5750 not detected

Just got a new Sapphire 5750 and a corsair cx400 psu to go with it. Plugged in the card, the card powers up(the fan on it rotates) but windows does not detect it nor is there any signal to the monitor.
I have a Asrock ConRoe 1333-D667 motherboard. It has onboard graphics.
I went to the BIOS and changed the option 'Primary display adapter' to PCI Express. Still no luck. The onboard card is still giving an output but there isn't any signal from my new card. Also cannot install the ATI softwares or drivers since it doesn't detect my card.

Please help.
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  1. Also, I'm doing this on windows 7 ultimate edition....all updated.
  2. Have you attached the cable which connects the GPU to the monitor?

    Read the manual. It will help you install the card in the right way... :)
  3. Of course I attached the cable. Also read the manual. Nothing seems to work.
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