What kind hard drive(s)? for gaming PC help!

I'm building a gaming PC

Asus Rampage IV Extreme Extended ATX


Graphic Card:
HD 7970

buy I'm not sure about what kind of hard drive / drives to get...
Should I get one small solid state and one big HDD? Or should I just get one big HDD?

I want the best performance and I will surely not be using over 750gb

please recommand
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  1. if you are looking for best performance.

    You should be getting an SSD (128gb or higher) for your os/apps/games
    + regular harddrive of your choice for all your other data.

    You should not get too small, otherwise you will end up having to micro-manage your SSD space.
    Especially as it looks like you are spending a lot total on your computer.

    popular choices are samsung 830, crucial m4, intel. Vertex4 is highly "rated" but people are not sure of reliability/stability yet, and squeezing the last bit of storage benchmark speed does not make a difference in single user home use.

    If you want to reduce a little complexity (and maybe price) to just have 1 drive, and give up a little bit of real world speed, look at the most recent hybrid drives:


    Most people who are spending this much on their computer setup go with at least a 2 drive setup. Not just for performance, but also for organization.

    If you've studied Windows Administration (or other OS administration), higher end users will always separate their OS/Apps from their data. Should something happen to your OS drive, you can just redo that drive and not lose anything. When you need to upgrade, you can just carry over your data drive.
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