Hardware issue installing Win7

Hello all, any help would be much appreciated!

EVGA E758 X58
Intel I7 920
AMD ATI 5770
Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3
WD Caviar Black 640GB

I am trying to score Windows 7 Pro64bit over my already existing Windows 7 installation just to be able to do a clean install. I built system this around 6 months ago but I am having an issues installing Win7 again. I insert the disk and it loads up and before it gets to the installation screen it just locks up and i cant move the mouse or the the keyboard. I've even waited about 10 mins to see if something happens. THis is what it looks like:

So I swapped the cdrom drives to see if maybe it was having a problem reading the disk but nothing. Then i tried a different win7 cd and still no good. My next thought was to check the ram with memtest 86+. A question was should I test each stick individually or all 3 together? Any other suggestions on how to get this installed would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. test it all 3 together, and if it shows up bad do 1 at a time and find out which ones bad.
  2. Ok I tested the ram and it seems to be working properly. What is a tool to test the processor is workig correctly with all its cores?
  3. do you oc? if so set it to default settings. also, reset the bios by using the jumper or removing the battery for a while...
  4. No I have not bothered to OC until i purchase a better cpu fan. Im at a loss guys any advice?
  5. prime 95 test all the cores and then sum.. Try a different disk maybe there's a file corrupted on the CD
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