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I'm about to upgrade my home LAN I think my current kit is causing some problems, i.e. needs rebooting a lot.

I'm wondering what the best make/model of equipment to get is going to be, and thats where this questions comes into it. If any of you out there have used some awesome equipment then please let me know.

I'm going to setup a Home LAN which connects to a shared building internet connection via wifi.

My PS3, Home PC, and NAS will sit on Cabled topology to the main Router. This router will also serve Wifi for the Laptops and Iphones in the flat.

Using a WAN connection I will connect to a bridge which will connect via WIFI to the shared building internet connection.

The two pieces of kit I require advise on are the MAin router and the bridge device.

I will also want to takl about the NAS at some point, but that can wait for now.

So do you think I should go gigabit ethernet cabling for the PC/NAS/PS3? what level of WiFi should I get for the laptops/Iphones? and what bridge device shoudl I look at getting. the nearest WAN (shared biulding internet) router I'll be wifi connecting to is a Netgear WG602 V3.

Cheers in advance. and please ask any questions if I've missed anything out.
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  1. I'd recommend the gigabit ethernet for the PS3 for sure... it really does make a big difference especially if you're doing a lot of media streaming and all. N wireless is also a lot faster than g.
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