Thinking of getting a 480 GTX Watercooled

I'm looking to get the fastest single GPU card on the market, and not a dual GPU because I hate microstutter.
Just wanted to make sure, microstuttering is still an issue right? I would go for a CF setup or a 5970 but I'm that annoyed at microstutter.

Besides the microstutter, I'm looking for the fastest GPU and looking to OC it some more after I get it, if those are my aims, should I get this?

Is it worth waiting for ATis rebranding which I hear is happening soon?

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  1. well I wouldn't put a GTX480 on a loop with anything else, so that means you'd need a new complete loop which will set you back roughly £240 for a good GPU loop + the price of the 480 which is roughly £480, so thats £720 all together.

    You could build a half decent PC for that much, is it really worth it? IMO no, its not.

    Not sure if microstuttering is a thing of the past or if its still a major multi GPU problem, I'm sure someone else can answer that question
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