Computer Locking up in Windows 7

I Have been having some issues with my computer and i am at a loss as to what is causing these issues. Here are my specs:

Antec Performance One P180B Case
ASUS Crosshair III Formula Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W
Corsair H50 CPU cooler
Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB DDR3 1600 (1333)
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 1GB
WD 300gig Velocirator

I bought this setup and initially put xp (32bit) on it until i could get windows 7. everything ran perfectly fine with XP. I upgrade to windows 7 and have had nothing but problems since.

I experience locking up in my system. it could be on booting up at the windows screen or it could be a few hours later. It has been fairly random. I have been able to play games for hours with absolutely no issues, but then watching a video on youtube may freeze the system.

I have checked and rechecked for all available drivers. I have updated my BIOS to the newest version (of which the newest version wont even let me get past the windows logo on boot, downgraded to the last version and can get in but still crashes sporadically)

I am wondering if this is due to my PSU not being strong enough for if there could be some other underlying issue? I thought the setup seemed fairly sound but now i am growing increasingly frustrated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. also, i do not receive any errors when i check the logs, except the unexpected shutdown.

thanks for your time. if there is any other information needed please let me know.

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  1. when you upgraded to 7, did you also update your drivers?
  2. I did. I technically did a clean install of win 7. but i have gone to asus website to update all drivers associated with the motherboard. Updated all video drivers, sound card. etc.

    I did also have this issue while i booted into safe mode, so i am not 100% sure it is drivers. It was my initial response, but i have grown unsure of even that.
  3. how are your temps?
  4. ha... i was going to just right a message about the temps. Temps have been really good. mid 30's for the most part. but judging by it doing it on initial boot up or after hours doesn't lead me to believe its temps at all.

    This one has boggled my mind for a while. ready to throw the thing down the stairs.
  5. I think a HDD diagnostic, and memtest86 run would be the next step.
  6. ^that was going to be my next suggestion...
  7. i also thought maybe it was a hard drive. i did swap out to a new hard drive loaded everything and got the same issues. maybe ill try again.
  8. check your ram too
  9. Normally on lock up, the screen will freeze, if there is audio it will be stuck in loop of digitized noise. just something else to throw out.
  10. i did a memcheck a while back and it came back okay. tried again last night but i believe the system froze in the middle of it. i will try again when i get home from work.

    they recommend the ram run at 7-7-7-20, the MB throws it at 9-9-9-24 i believe. but i have over rode it to the prior timing and still received the same issue.
  11. Windows 7 is much fussier than Windows XP as regards to memory. In particular even if the memory passes all memory tests it can still be the cause of this problem due to the memory timings of DMA transfers from the SATA hard disk controller. This is a very common problem which sometimes can be cured by increasing the memory voltage or adjusting the memory timings or running with only one stick of memory fitted. Sometimes the only cure is to use a different brand of memory. Also check for a BIOS upgrade.
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