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Hello everyone at toms.I just had a few questions that are prob/hopefully Ez fixes.I have a New Computer with everthing new execpt hard drive and cd drive.I transfered over the hard drive to new asus p8p67 mobo,Everything checks out fine execpt for a few things.System beeps one time correct Im able to get into bios and navigate, but! not with mouse,prob 1. Im guessing that becuase the hard drive is sensing new hardware and new mobos that windows wont boot.I can get all the way intill it ask boot normaly or boot and fix prob recommended!.when I select standerd boot windows load then blue screens and starts over,option 1 it tries to fix prob but wont! Any suggestions?
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  1. When changing motherboards, windows looks for the old board drivers; if it can't find them, it crashes and goes into a continuous reboot mode until you format and do a fresh install of windows.
  2. Ah thx very much thought so.
  3. Yes answer was solved!
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