While in RAID Windows's cant find DVD drivers

I just hooked up my 2 HDDs into a RAID array, the RAID setup said they are online and the creation was successful.
when I go to install windows 7 the installation tells me that it can't find DVD drivers.

OS: trying to install Windows 7 HP.
HDD: WD 500Gb *2
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  1. change the sata port where the dvd is connected maybe?

    also notice the option in the windows 7 setup to install drivers - try installing the correct RAID driver
  2. Many motherbds have one or two sata ports that you can swich to ide or ahci and sometimes raid. Often they are the last two sata ports (4&5 or 5&6) Set them as ahci and plug your optical drive in there.

    You can use ide mode if you want as an optical drive wont need the bandwidth of either bus, I just use ahci in case later on they realize they want more hdd/ssd's and they put the optical on usb.
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