Gaming with a xeon?

i have acquired a x3370 xeon processor. i was wondering if you's could advise wether i can use it in a gaming rig build or not?

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  1. Definetly, its a powerful cpu.
  2. but i wasnt sure since its a server processor if i would cause any bottlenecks?
  3. No, infact it has more Cache, its just got a more expensive motherboard and memory. Which is why most people don't buy server cpu's. If you have the money I would stick with it.
  4. but isnt it basically a rebranded q6950 so it should work in a basic gaming board?
  5. No, it won't work a basic gaming board, server cpus have different sockets.
  6. just tested it in a abit fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI and it works perfectly
  7. hmm.. I'm sorry for misleading you...
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