Ati 1950pro dead or not enough power?

i bought a ati 1950pro 512mb gddr3 PCI-e

when i play a game on it at 1024x768 it BSOD and restart after 5 minutes..
but when i play the same game on 800x600 its fine for like 30 minutes ish but the screen freezes for about 15-30 sec it restarts the video card and than i can play fine again but it keeps repeating the same thing, and i dont really enjoy playing in 800x600..

im not sure if the video card is dieing or it might not get enough power? or what could be the problem? please help

pc info

asus m2npv motherboard
amd athlon 64 x2 dualcore cpu
ati radeon 1950pro 512mb gddr3 PCI-e
Aspire ATX-AS420W 12V powersupply : dc output on the +12v1 is 14a
+12v2 is 16a
output max power is 450 w according to the label

pls help
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  1. I assume you mean the card is a PCI-E x16?

    Do you still have the receipt for the card, to return it?
  2. This sounds like a heat issue. Is the card old or new? If old have you cleaned out the heat sink on the card?
  3. its pci-e x16 yeah.

    and i got it from my uncle, i think it was used. i havnt done anything to it like clean it.
    also my screen is vibrating a tiny little bit.. its hardly seeable but if u look close u can see it
    it didnt do it with my old video card
  4. then try cleaning your card and re-apply the thermal paste...
  5. i cleaned it as much as i could and i added a extra fan near the videocard the GPU0 Ambient temperature is *C39.00 and the GPU0 Core temperature is around C* 45.00 when i dont do anything on it. is that too high?
  6. i just ran a benchmark on it and at 2D testing it kept cool but at 3D testing it went up to *C60 core temperature but it didnt restart and it finished the benchmark test. is 60 *C60 is too hot?
  7. i tested the card today with sacred 2 it kept quiet cool and didnt restart. but my screen is still acting weird. its hardly seeable but its like as if it was vibrating or tiny lines were running really quick up and down across the screen. what could cause this?
  8. yeah its on 75
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