Cpu performance for SLI and power needs

TomsCommunity !

I seem to be in need of your wisdom again ! :sol:

As the title says....

im looking for a new SLI ... likelihood being GTX 460x2 or HD 5770x2 (im a noob to SLI and CrossFire :pt1cable: )

i5 750 vs i7 860 (or 870) vs i7 920 .... Need to know which CPU will help SLI the most and also stand for v. high quality gaming and lastivity likelihood (i understand that graphics performance is becoming more biased to GPU power, this is where i feel my SLI combo's aren't looking too shabby ...)

And to finalise, PSU power needs for your decisions ... im thinking 750W/850W ?

Its late, so apologies if that was a ramble :whistle:

Thankyou in advance TomsCommunity :hello:
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  1. First, 2 460 would dominate 2 5770s hands down, if you have the money go for the 920. FOr the PSU, I would suggest something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006
  2. Apologies, those were the GPU's I was meaning, I've had so many different plans for PC's D: comparing quality-price between the different processers, does the 920 still stand out ? Just that, seems like a shed load for a CPU, also thinking that their different sockets, the other components will be more ? Let's say a budget of 800 british sterling ( this reply is from my phone, so I don't know how poorly this is going to be structured, sorry) thanks for the snappy reply though :)
  3. Like I said if you have the money go for the 980, I would personally go for the 920 basically the same thing without the unlocked multiplier.
  4. All your mentioned CPU's are basically equal considering only gaming.. Thus, getting the cheapest one looks more sensible (i5 760 in this case).. You'd definitely need to overclock whichever CPU you decide to get to remove any bottlenecks for a GTX 460 SLI setup.. Should not be a problem though as all those CPU's are very much overclock friendly..
  5. So there are no processors that would bottleneck a sli set up ? (Out of the ones I stated?) I'm just worried about getting a bargain of a GPU set up, and not having a compatible CPU ... So maybe on the other hand, I should go for a slightly higher CPU to help myself in the future ? What's the power consumption of these SLI's ? Woud 750W be powerful enough (I'm not a power user, all be it, I do overclock slightly),
  6. Considering all the CPU's overclocked to say 3.6 GHz, it'd eliminate any bottlenecks which might have been there at stock speeds.. This is however in reference to a GTX 460 SLI setup.. If you are not that experienced with overclocking, you can get a CPU with unlocked multiplier which makes overclocking easy.. From Intel camp it'd be the i7 875k.. As for the power issue, 750W should be enough for a 2-way GTX 460 SLI setup along with a heavily overclocked CPU and few other accessories..
  7. Huge thanks to everoyone who replied, deffinetly helped me out with decisions :) although, would there be any point in gaining hyper-threading ? For futre proof sake ?
  8. If you are only considering gaming, then i don't see hyper threading to become useful anytime..
  9. Again, thanks, random question, how long do you think it would tak for hyperthreading or serious turbo b oosting to be encorporated into gaming ? :Z
  10. IMO hyper threading would never be a real performance increasing factor when it comes to gaming.. Turbo is more useful a feature here.. But personnely i'd prefer the old style overclocking..
  11. Sweeeet, ok, so, i5 or i7 physical and virtual cores ? Simply, high i5 or low i7?
  12. If you have the cash to spend then go get the i7 875k.. It features all the features (required or not required) and an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking.. Otherwise an i5 760 with a decent overclock would suffice..
  13. And if i was considering on getting a 3d monitor at the end of the year ? would this change the view on the GPU or CPU at all ? i know that 3D is meant to cut Fraps by half ....
  14. gladwin said:
    And if i was considering on getting a 3d monitor at the end of the year ? would this change the view on the GPU or CPU at all ? i know that 3D is meant to cut Fraps by half ....

    Don't have much first hand experience with 3D monitors.. From the little i know i can say, NO, it does not changes anything..
  15. Fair do's, just thought it would put more stress on the CPU, thanks for all the help though.

    if i build a plan for my pc, do you mind over looking it briefly ... would be much appreciated !
  16. No problems absolutely.. We are all here to help..
  17. Brilliant ! ^_^ Not sure when it will be done but hey ho !
  18. you cant have 3 monitors on an SLI setup unless you un-SLI them or add a 3rd independant (non-sli'd) video card.

    You can run ATI's eye-finity setup with any of their 5000 series cards (and up) but one of the monitors will need to have a display port connector. Going ATI severely inhibits stereoscopic 3d gaming by the way, if thats your goal. You basically have your choice of two 3rd party vendors' packages to choose from and as far as I recall they only support 1 monitor and it has to be thier monitor too.
  19. <doh!> you said 3d not 3rd. Silly me.
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