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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to start this topic; mods, please move if necessary.

I'm having some problems with my homebuilt PC. It has been working fine for almost 12months, but then suddenly something went wrong.

I was playing Oblivion, when suddenly the screen flickered and it froze. no biggie, ill just restart. however, when i restarted my monitors light would keep flashing on and off like my PC was on standby when it clearly wasnt.

I've tried everything but nothing is working. used a different pci-e slot, a different graphics card, a different port on the graphics hard (DVI).

The PC turns on for a few seconds, the monitor shows nothing, then it shuts off, and then turns back on again and stays on; still nothing shows on the monitor.

is it my motherboard? CPU? what?


ASUS p5q deluxe
intel e8400 dual core 3.0ghz
xfx radeon 4870 (x2 crossfire)
corsair 750watt Powersupply
8GB (4x2GB) G-skill RAM

please help. i just finished school today, and i was hoping to game a little before the summer semester starts in a few weeks. :cry:

if anything is unclear please ask me to clarify.
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  1. Use another system to verify that the monitor works properly.

    I would suggest having the side panel off and watching it try to boot. Do the fans spin up? Does the CPU fan spin up? You might want to go through the boot checklist, its a good general troubleshooting checklist.
  2. i tried using a different monitor; no luck.

    i also have the side panel off, and i've visual monitored my system for any irregularites. All the fans spin up and behave normally.

    thanks for the list. ill give it a shot and post back with my results
  3. i went through the list one by one. it didnt work.

    problem unsolved
  4. well my system is already set up, and it was working fine for several months up until last night.

    i wish i had spare parts, it would have been so much easier to swap things around and see what the problem is.

    Quick Question:
    I have a really old computer that no one really uses, but it still works. I cant use it's power supply on my computer (the old computer has a 120watt mine has a 750watt), but mine will fit on the old one.

    so my question is; is it safe to hook up a 750 watt power supply to a computer that normally runs on 120watt? It has all the right connectors.
  5. Well, it seems as if my PSU is fine, since it powered up my other PC just fine.

    Anyone got some tips/suggestions?
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