Can i use RAID 0 with different SSD?

Hello well my doubt is i want to get RAID 0 cause atm im just running with a OCZ Vertex 3 120gb but i need more storage so i i want to get another SSD but Samsung 830 series or mushkin chronos is at a good price too so i just want to know if is possible to do the Raid with different brands of ssd? so this is it =P

Thanks and sorry if my english is not perfect
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    Yes, you can create a RAID array with different brands of SSDs.

    It's probably best to just use both drives separately. There's no fault tolerance with RAID-0, so if one of your drives dies then you lose all of you data.

    TRIM is also not supported with drives in a RAID array so if you decide to create the array then Log off (not shut down) overnight once every other week or so to maintain drive performance.
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