Umm bit of a 3D problem...

I just recieved a computer for my birth day, its freaking sweet, but there is a bit of a problem... the display of is the nvidia 23in 3D monitor but the 2 graphics cards are radeon 5970s. Um i know the 3d wont work but is there a way, like a driver or something along those lines, to enable 3d with radeon cards. Ive heard of 2 drivers um iz3d or something and then some other driver whose name i cant recall. Will these drivers fix the problem and if not what is a solution to enable 3d with radeon cards? Will i have to get a new monitor to enable 3d or anything like that?
Thanks and any help is truly appreciated as i am in a hurryy to try out my new computer!!!
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  1. The latest ATI drivers for the 5970 have support for "3D stereoscopic display/glasses" which "Requires 3D stereo drivers, glasses, and display". Here's the link:
  2. Hrm ok, thanks but this still doesnt answer the question, will it work on the 23in monitior i have, thanks anyways!
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