M4n82 deluxe temp 67C?

hi folks this is getting annoying now lol
lets start with my specs:

Motherboard; asus M4N82 DELUXE, with the latest bios installed 2402
CPU; AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 3.4ghz
Memory; 8GB (4X2GB sticks) corsair Value ddr2
Power supply; cooler master M1000 silent pro
Graphics; 2x EVGA GTX 470
Hdd; Western Digital 1tb sata
Os; windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
Watercooling; 2 seperate loops, 1 cpu and 1 for gpus;

so my problem is as follows;

on the first boot i ran i went to hardware monitor to find my cpu temp.
it read 58C, i thought that was very quick from an abient 20C in the room to 58C in under 15 secs.
but the temp was not climbing it looked very stable, bouncing to 59c and back every 10-20 secs or so.
so i checked the water temps they were both sitting on 18C-23C.
i built this rig from the ground up so i know the watercooling is doing its job correctly.
water is flowing and temp is cold. temp monitering for the copper blocks is 22C.

i checked the bios and it was on 0408, so updated to its current version of 2402.
bios temp now reading 62C, again very stable, thought i would just ignore it while i installed windows.
windows finished and i installed core temp, got confused on how it worked but, TJ max is 70C.
so i installed asus probe II that came with the mobo and, it was reading 67C.
so i immediatly restrarted the pc and checked the bios agian it was now reading 67C, again very stable.

took out the waterblock and felt the cpu it not even warm, reseated the waterblock about 4 times now. there is a thin layer of thermal paste and each time i took it of you could see the pressure was correct as the thermal paste had been "squashed" (lovely thought lol).

just in case your wondering my mb temp is a lovely 22c.

my only thoughts are that probe II, core temp and bios all use the same sensor.
could it be that the sensor is shot?
would it help putting in an old cpu that not as powerful?
is the sensor for this temp in the cpu or on the motherboard?

Any help would be appreciated thanks to all, if you are reading this please leave any suggestions (assume i'm stupid, every suggestion is welcome as the may in turn be correct).... thanks agian folks.
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  1. could you try using blackbox 2.1 and report temp back
  2. black box in the middle..

    thanks for your reply i'm losing hope....
  3. we gone set speedfan all fan 100%leave the auto uncheck ,open configure in temp put desired temp 35 max 50. in speed all max 100% do not check automatically variated.
  4. all fans are on full already got fan controls.
    the fan is not reading an actual fan it it reading the rpm of the laing pump that is installed.
    but i have tried setting fans low to see if the temp goes up but it doesn't?
    it stays the same.
    anyways sent the mobo back to get it checked report back once i get updated if it is me that is wrong or the mobo.
    thank you very much for your input.
  5. turns out the mobo was faulty.
    thanks to all who viewed and commented
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