Intel 330 120GB Compatable?

So im building my first PC and I need to know whether this drive will work as my one and only boot drive/storage drive for my gaming rig. m not asking if space is enough, just will i be able to plug it in and oot up and not have to deal with it not working.
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  1. If the issue is reliability then make sure you have a second storage space. Intel is known to be reliable, and that's why I bought the same one you are looking at. I installed my OS, games, and programs without any problems. After I put my OS on the SSD I then created a backup/disk image and saved it to my HDD. So, if my SSD should have any issue I can easily access my backup and fix it.

    People will suggest using a SSD for OS and programs. If you want it to last a long time make sure you are not writing to it too much. Like me, I save all my videos, pictures, documents to a separate HDD.

    If you buy the 120GB SSD then you should buy a HDD. It's easy to get a good 500GB HDD for $70. Anything lower than 500GB isn't worth it, cuz you can go from a 320GB to 500GB for an extra $5-10.
  2. Well I can still atleast buy one and install my OS and WoW with it so it will run alone until I can get a HDD correct?
  3. If you are building a brand new pc, then compatability should not be an issue.

    Which motherboard are you go to use?

    Yes, you can use just one ssd and run a system without having a hard disk drive for data storage. That happens all the time with netbooks and laptops. My wife's laptop is an old Toshiba that had only one hard drive. Recently I replaced the hard drive with an ssd. There is no space for a second drive. It works fine. The trick is to keep an eye on unused space and not let the ssd get filled to capacity. A general rule of thumb is to leave about 10% to 20% of the space free.
  4. Im using an ASRock Extreme 4 LGA 1155 z77. Im o torn betweeen the samsung830 and this 330 series intel!!! Ahhhh! RAGEQUIT.
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