Is 10 FPS worth it?

Hello guys.

So im wondering: Im going to build an AMD rig and ive been thinking, either i buy a whole rig with a 5870 OR for the same price i get a 5850 but with an awsome gaming mouse (Mionix 5000) and also an awsome gaming mousepad (Steelseries QcK).

So my question is, wich "buy" should i go for?

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  1. What's your monitor resolution, which games do you plan on playing? If it's a sacrifice for 120 frames per second to 107, then it doesn't matter, get the mouse. Your 60 Hz monitor won't let you tell the difference. If it's the difference between 44 fps and 34 fps, though, ....then the choice is a little more difficult. If it's the difference between 37 fps and 24 fps, you want the better card and not the mouse.
  2. I want to play Crysis on max settings with 2x-4x AA on a 1920x1080 screen resolution. Hope that will help you guys give more straight forward answers.

  3. Get the 5870 no question about it.

    You can live with a normal mouse and easily save money to buy the fancy mouse you want. However, if you get a 5850 then when it starts struggling (and funnily enough Crysis is the one game at that resolution that the 5850 reveals the reason it is not a 5870) you are stuck wanting another GPU after spending $300 on one.

    Using a cheap mouse and upgrading - no money lost, game quality not effected, you just miss how a fancy mouse is, so just patience required

    Using a GPU that starts struggling with a game - very frustrating and a whole new GPU needed which means money lost on original GPU even if you do manage to resell

    In other terms.
    Cost of going from cheap mouse to expensive one - try saving $100
    Cost of replacing a GPU struggling with games - try saving $400 and hope you can sell the old one for a good price
  4. Hmm okay, seems my mind is going for the 5870.

    Although, if it would be VERY necessary i could save up for a 5870 and crossfire it with a 5850, couldn't i?

    // Daniel
  5. If that works the same way that it did with the 4000 series, your 5870 would downclock to match the speed of the 5850 if crossfired. So that'd be a waste of money on the more powerful card.
  6. Okay, made up my mind, going for the 5870 :)

    Thanks for the help guys, greatly appreciated, now i just need to know how to make the thread solved :)

  7. If you get a 5850 now then you will need to XFire it with a 5850 later.

    The question is, how long will it take you to save up for a second 5850? Until then you may have to deal with not being on max settings for some games.
    Meanwhile, you can save up for a decent mouse in 1/3 of the time and just cope with a normal mouse until then. It really isn't so bad, I assure you - I still use a cheap mouse for all my games :P
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