Big noob here wants to know what brand ATI 5770 I should buy

Does it matter? I know now i need to get my hands on an ATI 5770 that seems to be the best for my dell studio 540 quad core 9400.
How do I know what brand to get? Also Im concerned about heat. Is it ok to leave the case open and clean it every week with air spray?
Could I buy somthing to keep it cool? point a fan at the inside of my case why I play?
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  1. I've owned video cards from EVGA, Asus, MSI, XFX, and Gigabyte. All of them performed very well. Ive never owned a Sapphire card but have heard plenty of good things about them. Get the card that offers you the benefits you want most be it over clocking, a free game, a cheaper cost, etc., The vast majority of the cards are all pretty much identical in performance.

    The 5770 runs pretty cool so no need to worry about heat issue. I would not leave your case open as that will invite more dust. No need to clean the card every week. Every few months just grab a can of compressed air and clean it outside as dust will go flying.

    My personal 5770 favorites
    the XFX has a great price and comes with a double life time warranty

    the MSI comes with a great cooler for Overclocking but newegg seems to be out of stock
  2. All the ATI cards I ever owned were either OEM or Sapphire with one exception and that is my 5970 which is powercolor.

    There is litterally no difference.
  3. Look at warranties. XFX is double lifetime so whoever you sell it to get the same warranty.

    Not to promote that brand, but my card was running hot and I sent xfx a pm. Me being stupid went out and bought a new HSF and the temps were fine, but they pm'ed me back and said we should set up an rma.

    There are companies that stand by there product and some that hide.
  4. oh ok I see now. So a cheap 150$ 5770 compared to a 200$ isnt that drastic
  5. I have also been a fan of Sapphire - their tech support has been great every time I have needed them and their cards have a 3 year warranty I believe. They are, more often than not, the least expensive out of all of the board vendors AND their Vapor-x coolers are excellent.

    Not to bash XFX - I have 2 4890s from them (referance) and both have been excellent albeit very poor overclockers. I am led to believe that these are just binned 4870s. I can't even get 875 core out of the 900mhz GPU. They do work flawlessly at factory settings though so I guess I can't complain.

    do you know if I can run eyefinity on 2 19" LCDs and 1 24"?

    I can't find a definitive answer
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