Operating system installation after motherboard taken out


I took apart all the part from my home built system.
Because my MOBO was not showing up one of the memory.
I sent it to ASUS for repair.
question is

when I put back the system again, do I have to installed the operating system again.
I am using win 7 ultimate with 64 bit.
also, I have two HD with operating system and one storage.

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  1. No. Not unless you change more than one piece of hardware when you put your system back together. I've never had any problem when changing just one item at a time, such as the cpu or ram. Windows should be fine. It may reboot once if you change the usb port for a usb device, for example, but that's all.
  2. As long as ASUS sends you back the same type of MOBO (ie. same chipset, etc.) it should be fine ( though it might require reactivating of the license ) -- if for some reason they send you a new MOBO that has different components you might have to do a repair installaton to have the OS reevaluate the system devices and install the proper drivers but chances are you will get the same MOBO as a replacement so that will most likely not be needed.
  3. Thanks for the super fast reply.

    I will get back to you when I got my MOBO Back.
    I hope everything work out OK this time, memory slot and operating system
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