WD 500GB Drive isn't recognized by Windows

So I built my first computer and my Caviar Black hard drive is recognized by BIOS but not by Windows 7. Does anyone know why?
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  1. the that drive the only drive in there?
  2. i have a corsair ssd as my boot drive
  3. is the bios settings for the drives on achi?
  4. its a hard drive setting found in the bios.
  5. what's that?
  6. no i dont think so. but honestly cant find that
  7. there should be a setting that usually is default labeled "IDE" which should be changed to ACHI, but before doing so, there is a registry edit you will have to do to avoid having to reinstall windows again probably to set it to ACHI.
  8. yeah its set to ACHI
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    is that drive formatted? if not

    right click My computer>Manage>disc management

    also try using the western digital advanced formatting tool if its still not working.
  10. That got it! haha thank you!
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