What kind of REALTEK sound chip comes in the HD 5870?

Hi. I am going to buy a HD 5870 video card and I have read that it has incorporated a REALTEK audio chip. As the video card has a HDMI output I am wondering if I can connect that HDMI output to my set of HDMI input speakers so the video card will provide the sound for my PC instead of the onboard audio of my PC's motherboard. Do you know what kind or version of REALTEK audio chip it is and how would it compare in terms of sound quality with a Creative SoundBlaster card like the XFI or the like. Thanks a lot!
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  1. It would be worse than an Audigy 2 ZS or a real XFi. It's probably on par with I would say integrated audio. It's designed mostly for those who have a home theater or receiver near their desk. AFAIK there are no HDMI capable self-powered speakers, you would need a receiver.
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