$500 Gaming Rig

My parents needed a new computer down stairs for guest, because one time my mom was naked in her room, with her computer room accross from her room, and a guess came up to use the computer and almost saw her, but almost was enough for her to get a computer down stairs

I dont plan on overclocking at all. I plan on gaming(Just MMOs like WoW nothing too graphic demanding),and for people to surf the web.

Preferences: Intel, Corsair PSUs(ive found them more reliable then any other psus)

The accessories(mouse,monitor, etc) have already been ordered so technically my budget is $500 for the computer parts.

Case; Rosewill FB-01 Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case(Parents dont want anything that looks wierd, and big, like most gaming cases, and this one looked as normal as they get)

CPU; Intel Celeron E3200 Wolfdale 2.4GHz(for WoW, and browsing the web, this seems like the best deal)

Motherboard; GIGABYTE GA-EP43T-UD3L LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX (low price, good features)

Video Card; HIS IceQ H567Q1GD Radeon HD 5670 1GB (DX11, good price, can most likely play WoW)

Power Supply; CORSAIR CMPSU-400W(Corsair is VERY reliable)

Memory; G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800(GSkill is always cheap/reliable, and its 4gb)

Hard Drive; Western Digital 500 GB(WD is reliable, cheap, good amount of storage)

DVD Burner; LG DVD Burner(it gets the job done)
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  1. Best reasoning I have heard for getting a new PC! :)

    I would seriously consider going with AMD with your budget so that you can get a DDR3 mobo and at least an X3 CPU.
    The game you have mentioned is VERY CPU dependant, in fact it is one situation that a decent CPU may be even more important than your Graphics Card. You don't want a dual core CPU for gaming these days, another reason to go AMD instead of Intel as Intel Quad is very expensive.

    Your HDD is ok, but the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb is same prce and is faster so I would swap them
  2. Xurwin, $500 on the dot no more sadly. Also Im going to change to the samsung, but from what i heard WoW runs good on a duel core. And most games seemt o made to run good with an intel cpu
  3. just edit my post.look look
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