4850 X2 without metal sheet + its flexing?

Hello. Few questions.

my problem is the 4850 x2 won't exactly fit into my coolermaster storm scout case. In order for it to fit I had to unscrew the metal casing on the top of the video card so now it looks like a regular 4850. The fans are exposed now but I made sure no cords are in the way. Now my question is.

1. Is this OK to have the metal piece off?
2. It's still a tight fit in the case, at the back of the 4850 x2 it has a heatsink that is touching the HD cage which is forcing the video card to bend about 1/3 of an inch. Is this ok?

It seems to be running fine, I'm using it right now. still gotta get some drivers.


Btw I traded a 5850 for the following including the 4850 X2

I traded a 5850 for 4GB of DDR3 1600. + a 4850 x2. + a computer with a Core 2 duo E7500. 4GB DDR2. Galaxy 9500 GT. 250GB HD. gigabyte mobo. and a dvd burner. Good deal right?
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  1. Bump, please some one answer my 2 questions =)
  2. Any thing the card is being bent is generally not a good thing. Also, touching the HD cage could cause a short between the card and the case....I would either buy a bigger case or a different card. Oh, and that metal fan helps the cards airflow....removing may or may not affect anything, I"m not sure.

    As to your second question, it sounds like a decent trade although I don't know what you would do with it.
  3. Well no it couldn't cause a short. The HD cage is only touching the heatsink, which is just metal. It's flexing so little you can barely tell.
  4. I agree with the above poster buy a bigger case. That is why I keep and ancient late 90s case around (fits oem cards with room to spare) as well my Thermaltake Xaser v. Bending thing card that much will shorten it's life span due to thermals.
  5. Alright, well I'm probably either going to sell it to my dad or to my friend. Or on craigslist :P
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