Something happening with my p5k-pro!

Hey guys, I have been searching the internet for a solution to issue. If I overclock anything in my bios, (adjust CPU voltage, Ram voltage, NB Voltage, or frequency of anything) Ill save changes and restart. It goes fine. Then if I unplug my PC (I move it around a bit) When I turn it on again It spins up for a second or two, shuts off for 3-4 seconds, then comes back on. Sometimes I get a overclock failed message. I was able to find this thread on another site:

where someone has the exact problem, but with a different Mobo. Then they guy at the end said on that specific board it is supposed to work like that and there was an update to that bios that let you enable/disable tat feature. I looked at asus website to see if the same was true, but I can't find anything helpful. So I came here in hopes someone has had this happen to them or would know what is happening.

Also, I have an Antec True Power Quattro 850W (This is my 3rd one, the first one was defective, the second one died after a year or so, and all have done this)

Thanks ;)
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  1. Have you got the latest BIOS version? I think that would be the most likely issue.
  2. No, But I am scared to flash it. I'm always worried I will break my pc. Seems easy to do.
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    What motherboard? Gigabyte has their dual-BIOS to prevent problems, and Asus seems to have some protection too. You shouldn't get problems as long as you have the BIOS for the correct motherboard, and don't power off while flashing.
  4. It's an ASUS P5K-Pro. I guess I'll try to flash it >.> I'll report back when it's done.
  5. Do I have to get all the individual bios versions, or do I just get the latest one?
  6. Ok, I flashed to the newest version. At first it wouldn't boot. Kept saying bad BIOS checksum and couldn't recover from my flash. Somehow, it worked and the bios version is the one I flashed. So It's all good. But the power thing still happens. What did you mean mean by dual-bios?
  7. It's where there are two BIOS', so if the main one is damaged, there is a backup BIOS that the system can use to boot.
  8. Ah. Ok. Well, I only move my PC 2 twice a week so I'll live with the power thing as everything seems to be working fine. And that my exact problem was happening to someone else on a different board that had that as a function. I'm building a new pc this year anyways :D Thanks for all the help. I have to say, the forums and everything on this site are amazingly helpful.
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