Will my power supply have a sufficent enough pin for my build?

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  1. If you use all the connectors on a 750HX i will be incredibly impressed. You should have more than enough, they even give you two floppy connectors just in case.
  2. if the 2 gpus need 6 pin connectors then how does that work with the psu which only comes with 8pin connectors. (this is my first build so i need explanations) and does that also take care of the wireless lan card
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    They are 6+2 pin connectors which will work on any GPU as either a 6 or an 8 pin PCI-E connector. Your WLan care doesnt look like its going to need any extra power from the PSU. The PCI-E slot on the motherboard can provide up to 75W which is more than enough for it.
  4. thank you very much for the help i finally see that newegg has a misprint which was confusing my friend thank you
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