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I was recently looking at Newegg for an SSD. When I went on their SSD section on there website, they have sections recommending certain SSD's for different tasks including gaming and video editing. I use my PC for both gaming and video editing. Is there an SSD that is decent for both applications? Thanks in advance for all the help! :D
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  1. Any SSD will improve your experience in doing both.

    Note that
    1) For gaming, it will improve your time starting up and loading levels. Once you are playing, it will not improve your frame rate or lag times.

    2) For video editing, running the software from the SSD won't make a difference. You have to have your scratch space and your video projects, a lot of data, on the SSD. Talking a big, and therefor expensive, SSD.
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    Hard to say how much SSD space will actually be used for editing purposes however it's certain that large video files would be more economically stored on a HDD. Personally, I prefer an external HDD. FYI, both Crucial M4 & Samsung 830 x 256GB are frequently advertised under $200.
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