Asus P8P67 or MSI GD 53


What is the best choice. I want to overclock easy and want good features. What are the pros and cons for the mobo's.
I don't know which one to choose and I would like some help from you guys.
I'm also open for other mobo's but my budget is €140 max.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. the biggest difference would be SLI/CF..vanilla Asus P8P67 will only give you CF,MSI GD 53 is SLI/CF but Asus board have 4x 6.0Gb/s sata ports
  2. I dont think that i'm going to sli so asus is better? But isnt MSI easier with overclocking?
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    both are nice mobos ,with the new CPU's it's all about the chip this days if you get good batch# the difference could be 400~600mhz, in this case i would get MSI GD 53 but if you can save few $ get P8P67 Pro (got my 25K@5.1 or 5.0 24/7
  4. ok the msi it is
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