Evga GeForce FX5500 upgrade necessary?

I have a buddy of mine who has this desktop He currently has an Evga Geforce FX5500 in it. He doesn't do any sort of gaming,mostly watching videos.Does he need to upgrade that card? I say no,but he insists that getting a better card would make the video playback better.The playback now looks fine to me.Thanks
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  1. Unless he's playing Blue Ray movies on his computer then no, it won't help video play back, although many (ATI 4XXX or NVidia 8XXX) cards have built in acceleration of decoding certain things, and given that he has a single core processor it may help, but the other thing to realize is the upgrade path is limited because he has an AGP slot.
  2. No bluray movies.Mostly youtube,music videos,news,etc.
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    If it's all from the Internet it's not going to help at all....and if it's from the computer, it's going to help very little if at all.
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  5. I just realized that the desktop has a modem card installed into the pci slot on the bottom.If he was to remove it,then put a pci card into that slot,would it make any difference? He doesn't uese the modem anyway.
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