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Guys iam doing some research into what SSD to buy as a Windows + programs/Boot Drive a for my PC. Preferably a 60GB since i dont have to much money to spend. My following brand options are as follows. OCZ, Intel, Patriot, Corsair, Apacer and ADATA. Any help on deciding which brand would be the best is appreciated.
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  1. the typical suggestions here are to get 120/128gb drives. Wait for them to be on sale if budget is a problem.

    This is so you don't need to micromanage your diskspace. The more full the drive gets, potentially you are losing some of the speed upgrade you were doing this for.

    Popular are samsung 830 and crucial m4 choices. read some of the othe threads
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    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the brand and models you are interested in and then follow the links to the technical reviews.
  3. kk thanks all
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