9800 GX2 Running Hot - Real hot.

Now yes, I know the GX2 has had a bad history with running hot, real hot. However not until now have I had computer shut

downs due to over heating. Its amazing actually, through perhaps 5 minutes of play on Champions Online (Not a graphically

intensive game in the least) I've seen temperatures of up to 103C. Now, when I look at fan speeds its usually at 72% idle with

75 or so C, on heavy load 97% at well 99-13C. Looks further into it, I noticed that my GPU 0 fan is moving around 2800-3400

RPM while the GPU 1 - 0. I'm sure there is a possiblility that the second fan has died, however I must ask is there an alternate

setting for this guy?

Any solutions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I don't believe so, I think that both fans are supposed to be going at the same time, and if one fan is reading zero it probably died, although I would look at it to be sure (don't stick your finger in there to check).
  2. Take your card out and used compressed air to blow the dust out. I did this with my friends old 8800 GTS 640mb, and idle temps went from 80C to 57C.
  3. Will have to try that. I did the best cleaning of the card I could possibly do without such.
  4. Probably dust clogging the fan; GX2's get hot, but not THAT hot...
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